Variety Show, Fine Arts Showcase display student talent


Every year the talent across Seaman High comes together for a special night known as the Fine Arts Showcase and the Viking Variety show. This event brings in not only the student body but also the community. Both the Showcase and the Variety Show have been around for over 16 years.

Taking place from 5:00 to 7:00, the Fine Arts Showcase displayed select student artwork. The purpose is to empower students through the arts. Artists get the chance to share their creations and show off their hard work. From Drawing I, there were pen and ink contour drawings of student picked objects. Chalk pastel drawings of animals were created by Drawing II. Painting and Mixed Media composed landscape pieces. Other classes such as Ceramics, Printmaking, and Design had a larger variety of projects. Additionally, there were many students whose artwork won awards, including Meredith Lewis, Shennen Pineda Ortega, and Jordyn Ashbaugh.

The turn out was much greater than the previous year and the art teacher trio hopes to include more and more students in the years to come. The art department is extremely proud of both their kid’s work and passion, and are excited for what is to come.

After the Showcase, seniors Mason Clark and Christopher Richardson hosted the Viking Variety Show. The comedic Duo created a comedic transition from act to act though costume changes, cheesy jokes, and popping up in different places. Poets Ryein Steinhoff and Jordan Springes gave the host a hand with “Gansta” poetry moments between acts, featuring songs such as Cardi B’s “I Like it” and Drake’s “God’s Plan” and “In my Feelings.” Another recurring appearance was from the SHS Players. They did several improv skits and games which brought laughter throughout the audience. Accompanying the whole night was the Jazz Combo of Eric Patterson, Kendyl Burks, Riley Senne, Cameron Smith, and Aleks Westjord.

There were many wonderful acts and buckets of talent throughout the show, but there are several to highlight. The first is an energetic lip sync performance of “Any Way You Want It” by Journey featuring Madeline Hulsing on “drums” Trinidy Thompson as the lead vocalist, and Abigail Wendlant on air guitar. Dynah Woodman and her furry friends gave an adorable performance of tricks, treats, and tails wagging. Her obedient dogs stole the hearts of the crowd. Eighth-grade student Kloie Street made the song “Happier” by Ed Sheeran ten times more beautiful with her sign language. Finally, a shout out to the following student singing acts: Sean Fails came with a voice and an original song (Friends On The Run) that sounded like a record deal. Catie Wools sang with uplifting personality and had a lasting inspiring effect when singing the song “Waiting Through a Window.” Siblings Kamryn and Devon Appelhanz performed a charming cover to the song “Water and Dust” by Cory Arbury. Finally, there were two staff members who gave memorable singing performances. First Diva Payne powerful voice filled the room with Chris Tomlin’s “Amazing Grace.” Custodian Eric Snell performed “A Word From The Lord” with an amazing gospel voice that left jaws dropped. The Band Strategery made up of Randy Crome Ryan Bach, Cameron Meinholdt, and Chase Morstorf wrapped the show up with groupies on their feet at the base of the stage.