Teddy Bear Toss brings joy to children in need

The Teddy Bear Toss is a fundraiser started at Seaman High by Student Council three years ago. Each year, they have partnered with another school to put on this project.

The purpose of the Teddy Bear Toss is to collect the used stuffed animals of students, adults, and even children. They would then at halftime throw all of their animals onto the court. Then student council members and cheerleaders grabbed trash bags and began putting the animals in them for easy transportation.

With music playing over the speakers, fans put a smile on their face as the animals filled the floor. After StuCo and the cheer team picked up the animals, they filled multiple bags.

The animals all went to the Kansas Highway Patrol to give to children after an accident, a problem, or any situation they feel a stuffed animal would benefit a child’s happiness.

Student Council Secretary, Cole King, who also headed up the event said, “They give them to kids who have been involved in traumatics events and they also take them to hospitals.”

With the hope that they would put a smile on a child’s face, two schools came together on Tuesday for an event benefiting the community around us.

This year, Seaman hosted Topeka West on Tuesday, February 12, when the Teddy Bear Toss was held. King says, “The Teddy Bear Toss was great for bringing people together. Uniting for a common cause is always the best way to bring people together.”

The past two years of the Teddy Bear Toss have been done on nights where Seaman played what many would call the “biggest rival”, Hayden. After such great outcomes of the event in the past, it was hard to believe a Tuesday night game against a less than rival school would bring in the most animals.

King explained, “We were afraid about having it on a Tuesday game against a school that isn’t considered as much of a rival like Hayden. We were pleasantly surprised when we got the number of stuffed animals we did.”

In its third year of existence for Seaman High’s Student Council, this years Teddy Bear Toss proved to be successful and will benefit many children in the future.