Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Today, society is throwing away so much trash that could be saving so many things. Why do we do this? People just don’t understand the importance of recycling and how it helps our environment. Recycling really isn’t that hard, just putting anything marked recyclable on it in a separate container will help save the lives of many people.

Recycling is a huge deal throughout the world. People should want to help out and do what they can so that the environment can be a better place. Just in Kansas, the recycling rate has increased 16% within eight years, but that isn’t enough. In the U.S. 32% of the total waste is being recycled. This number should be increasing each year, by having more people start recycling.

Think of it this way, if people aren’t recycling then there are tons of animals throughout the world dying. While recycling, it is helping save trees, oil, landfill , energy and water. Without recycling life wouldn’t be as it is today. There are many advantages to recycling that include reducing energy consumption, decreasing pollution, becoming environmentally friendly, slowing the rate of resource depletion, fighting global warming, and decreasing landfill waste.

There are many ways in starting to recycle to help save the environment. First, just make a separate bin for the trash and recycling. Many examples of recyclable items could be plastic, paper, cardboard, metal, glass and plastic bottles. Just figure it out by finding the recyclable logo on the product. Always think to the future. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Help the environment.