The frigid responsibility for snow days


When the weather decides to take a turn for the worse during winter and makes for a bitter, biting chill, districts have the authority to release students for a snow day. Although it sounds simple enough, it gives great responsibility to those who are in charge of authorizing and justifying the need for the day off. With only two possible makeup days in the schedule, there are certain needs that have to be prioritized and a process to go along with call a snow day.

Mr. Mike Monaghan explains that when beginning a process such as this, “safety is our number one priority.” This includes inspecting the roads near the schools that bus drivers or even the students themselves have to drive on. Without proper clearing, there is a higher risk for car wrecks.

During a previous snow storm in 2018, USD 501 was released for an extra day in which many other Topeka schools did not follow suit. This was due to snow-clad roads that were yet to be cleared around the schools in USD 501.

Superintendent, Dr. Noble, and the board of directors are left with the responsibility of making the decisions for when a snow day should be allowed. When the decision is made for the district, the goal is to release it to the Seaman community as soon as possible. Mr. Monaghan stated that they like to release the announcement the evening before the official day when possible.