Education bill signed at Seaman High

OFFICIAL BUSINESS: Governor Colyer makes opening statements before signing the Education bill in front of students at Seaman High School.
IMPORTANT BUSINESS: Governor Colyer signs the Education bill. He also signed a commemorative copy to display at Seaman High School. (Photo by Regan Bond)
INTRODUCTIONS: Representative Fred Patton makes the introductions before Governor Colyer speaks to the crowd. Patton is also school board president for USD 345 and was one of the key contributors to the writing of the bill. (Photo by Regan Bond)

Governor Colyer signed the Education bill this morning in front of the Seaman High School student body.

In his comments before the signing, he mentioned that Kansas has good schools.  “We support our schools because it is the right thing to do,” Colyer said.

Although he noted that there are still obstacles to overcome in getting the funding bill into law, he said, “Intent is what we are signing right now — to get money in the classroom.”

In his historical review, he said that the past 10 governors, five Democrats and five Republicans, have been under litigation over school finance.

“We need to just do it right and settle the problem.  This bill helps do that,” he concluded.

“Intent is what we are signing right now — to get money in the classroom.”

— Governor Jeff Colyer