Outstanding student goes extra mile by donating time


For many students it is hard to find time to fit in all of their extracurricular activities. They often complain about the number to chores they have on their plate. One student at Seaman High chooses to embrace his busy schedule and help others.

Eric “Junior” Patterson, sophomore, spends nearly 10 hours a week at his family’s daycare system, Patterson Family Child Care Center. Although this is fewer hours than working two days at a job, he does not accept a paycheck.

“I don’t earn a penny for playing with the children.”

Junior spends his summers living at the daycare center. He finds time to help his mother when other kids are having fun doing their summer activities.

“I have made it a priority. I have had to turn other things and people down, so I don’t get to do what others do all of the time.”

Junior is also involved in band, basketball, track, Seaman High Academic Rewards Program (SHARP), gifted, forensics, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), and a member of his church. This has allowed him to meet many more people in the district after moving to Seaman his freshman year.

Early this year, Junior received news that he was given a scholarship to attend a Leadership Conference at Kansas State University.

All of his teachers know him for his bright and bubbly personality. Junior is also known around the high school as a beatboxing pro. He says that the little children like to watch him do this.

These children are watching Eric, since many may not get attention like they do from him at home.

“Some kids may not have that ‘older sibling type of friendship’, so I know that I can make their days better when I am with them.”

Junior currently holds over 150 hours of community service at the high school, on track for having the most out of his class. But, he knows that this is not what it is all about.

“I just love helping these kids. It’s what I’ve done forever and I love seeing them smile and laugh with me.”