Google virtual reality glasses enhance video production


Senior Laine Marston tries on the new virtual reality glasses in the library. They are a Google product and work with Google Expedition. (Photo by Ruth Requejo)

Jacob Wildeman, staff writer

Imagine a whole classroom full of students wandering around getting to experience the world of virtual reality. That was the goal of Mrs. Billie Esser, teacher librarian.

Mrs. Esser just recently bought 14 virtual reality glasses, hoping that a class of 28 students could pair up and share one pair of glasses.

“I bought a classroom set of 14 glasses so that students could pair up,” said Mrs. Esser, “with one student wearing the glasses and the other keeping their partner from running into anything.”

The virtual reality glasses aren’t the typical ones that are seen on TV. These glasses are made of google cardboard and work best with Google Expedition, so that students have the opportunity to make their own videos.

“I bought a book about the glasses and Google Expedition so that students can take control and make their own videos,” says Mrs. Esser.

The glasses were purchased with the intent to help support teachers who are integrating this type of technology into their lessons.

“One of the goals of the library is to not only provide academic support, but also to support teachers and their classroom goals,” says Mrs. Esser, “Teachers don’t always have the means to reach these goals and during a development day I was talking with some of them about these glasses, and they thought it would be a great idea to purchase a classroom set.”

Mrs. Esser encourages all students to come to the library and check out the new virtual reality glasses.

“Any students who are interested just need to come to the library, and they can check out a pair,” says Mrs. Esser.