‘Pie day’ filled with fundraisers for good causes


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“Pie day” was a time filled with entertainment opportunities for students and staff.

During seminar, the math club came through classes with homemade pie for students to purchase.  For $2, a student could have a piece of pie and help math club.

Entertainment was just around the corner.  During Channel One, SVTV went live for the “Pie in the Face” competition.  Several teachers had volunteered to be a part of the fundraiser, raising money for MacKenzie Brown, SHS grad, who is fighting cancer.  Over $550 was raised for MacKenzie.

Mr. Dawson Elliot was the teacher with the most money raised.  He chose weights teacher Mr. Mike Lincoln and senior Bryce Cowan to receive pies in the face.  Mr. Steve Alexander was also ‘pied’ for making the biggest contribution.