Artist hit low with top rated song; looking to bounce back


Havana hits #1 on Billboard’s Top 100. Camila Cabello will go on tour during the spring of 2018.

Riley Polter, Staff Writer

Released in the last few months of 2017, Havana by Camila Cabello somehow managed to hit number one on Billboard’s The Hot 100! Cabello has been climbing up the chart for 23 weeks, and this was her peaking week.

Havana gives me frightening flashbacks of the hit single Stressed Out by 21 Pilots; being overplayed and overrated.

Another reason that I am not a fan of the song is because popstar Cabello tells Radio Disney during an interview that the song title is from her former home in Cuba’s capital. She falls in love with a ‘bad boy’ and moves to American with him to go to school. She states that she has had the “…idea to name a song Havana for a while.” To me, this sounds like a meaningless song.

I think that this song might be Cabello’s low point in her career. She did not start out on the bottom, though. Cabello started off her career with a high reputation with band Fifth Harmony, that is until she left the group to solo in 2016. She has had several highs in her career since then, such as opening for Bruno Mars and joining Shawn Mendes on the hit single I Know What You Did Last Summer.

I have no doubt in my mind that Cabello will bounce back from this catastrophe in no time. She is capable of much more empowering music than this song. The only hope I have for her is to have radio stations cut this song from their playlist before everyone else feels the same as me. I don’t think I can give this song more than two out of four stars without lying.