#SeamanStrong aggravates students

alexis desch

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The majority of the student body believes that #SeamanStrong is used as a way to unite the school and come together during tough times. However, recent use of the hashtag has upset some students, as well as faculty.

Most students can agree that the original intent of the hashtag was to bring everyone together during tough times, including harsher tragedies. Sophomore Nyah Brown agreed with this statement, saying that she felt this phrase symbolized the school uniting and everyone being in this together. The overuse of #SeamanStrong makes it seem as if there is a less meaningful significance behind the hashtag.

An example of this phrase being overused can be seen by taking a look at updates and reminders, especially through Schoology. Specifically, messages such as “Don’t forget, spirit day shirt order forms are due tomorrow” are sometimes followed by #SeamanStrong. Instead of using this hashtag, which represents unity, the phrase “Don’t forget, it’s always a great day to be a Viking!” could be used in place instead.

A constant reminder of the overuse of #SeamanStrong is through the behavior matrix shown frequently on SVTV. Commercials portraying positive attitudes and respect around the school are a great reminder, however, this is not an appropriate place for #SeamanStrong. Again, phrases such as “It’s a great day to be a Viking!” are more appropriate in this case.

By overusing the hashtag, it degrades its value. In the past, #SeamanStrong was a great reminder that we’re all in this together, and that we have one another’s backs, especially during hard times. But the more and more the hashtag is used, the less of a deeper meaning it has.

It may be hard to think about, but imagine one day the school district is going through a rough time, maybe even experiencing a loss. During this time, everyone comes together sharing strength and supporting one another while using #SeamanStrong. Then, the next day, you go to school and are watching SVTV. A commercial comes on about showing respect in the bathroom and making sure to always wash your hands, followed by a screen that says “#SeamanStrong.” This instantly can make someone who felt supported, be unsure of what they really should be feeling. The day before everyone was tweeting them and tagging them saying #SeamanStrong and the next, the same exact phrase is used in a message telling students to wash their hands.

Between SVTV, Schoology updates, and general announcements, the phrase is being thrown at us almost every day, which is making it lose its deep meaning and become more of a common saying. Think about its true meaning and give  #SeamanStrong the respect it deserves.