Key Club project raises money to help veterans get to D.C.


Whether it is an intense lip sync battle, a pizza competition, or a volleyball tournament, the KUP project has many fun ideas when it comes to fundraising

Every year the president of Key Club has to pick a project for the President’s project. This year, Key Club president Kim Nguyen chose to fundraise for the Seaman Food Bank and the Kansas Honor Flight for her project. The project has been appropriately named the K.U.P. Project, which stands for Key to Unlocking Possibilities.

“Our overall goal is to raise $1500 to send a veteran to visit the war memorials in Washington, D.C. with the Kansas Honor Flight and to continue funding the Seaman Food Bank,” says president Kim Nguyen. “I love that this project is able to show students that they are able to make a positive difference in the world and change lives.”

“I love that this project addresses a clear need and that I can serve as an advisor with students that are self-directed and responsible,” says sponsor Randall Crome. “It is great to see students have the opportunity to really practice creating, organizing, and leading something positive and productive.”

The project is divided among three committees: Communications, Event Planning, and Logistics.

Communications is in charge of getting all of the information about the project advertised and making sure that as many people as possible know about all of the fundraisers. This committee consists of chairman Sophie Darting and members Ashley Pippin, Aubrey Clark and Hayley Woodyard.

Event planning is in charge of organizing all of the fundraisers and getting everything approved by administration. Members of this committee include chairmen Grayson Seevers and Reese Emert and members Andrew Gill, Austin Kruse, Cally Anderson, Dawson Podlena, Joe Crome, Josh Duncan, Kim Vu, Madison Russell, Makayla Wishnack, and Yahaira Saliceti.

“I think it is cool to be involved in the KUP project because I am working with my peers to accomplish something that I know will do good for our community,” says Event Planning chairman Reese Emert.

Logistics is in charge of scheduling all of the meetings and making sure that the members are doing what they are supposed to be doing and completing their tasks. This committee consists of Benton McCann and Maria Grimes.

“My favorite part about the project is being able to collaborate with my classmates in a new, unique way and to be able to help out veterans that have given so much for our country,” says Logistics chairman Benton McCann. “I think it is important that Seaman students continue to give back to the community through these types of projects.”

The K.U.P. Project Board includes President Kim Nguyen, Vice President Zach Burns, Secretary Madison Russell, Logistics chairmen Benton McCann and Maria Grimes, Communications Chairman Sophie Darting, and Event Planning Chairmen Grayson Seevers and Reese Emert. “Kim is a great leader and she obviously has great friends that are committed to helping her achieve her goals,” says Crome. “It is clear that the students helping Kim conduct the project are very motivated and take care of most of the work on their own.”

The project had a lip sync battle that raised $582 and a Gambino’s vs. Glory Day’s pizza contest. The deadline is the end of February.

The next fundraiser is a volleyball tournament and a veteran walk at an upcoming home basketball game.