Multiple renovations approved for next year during summer construction

Many renovations have been approved for next school year. The Board of Education has approved new security for the main entrance, new lockers for the boys and girls locker rooms, a new gym floor, and renovations for the locker bay areas.

To make sure the entrance meets the same security standards as other school buildings in the district, changes are planned. The entrance will look the same, but once past the first doors guests will have to buzz in to go to the office or to advance to the commons. The second set of doors will just be pushed back from where they are now.

People entering the building will need to buzz into the office, and there will be a new door on the other side for students to enter the office during the day.

The second set of doors will just be pushed back from where they are now.

The 40-year-old lockers in the boys and girls locker room will also be replaced over the summer. The design will be the same but the lockers may be shortened for easier supervision.

The south gym will also be getting a new court over the summer. The biggest change to the court is that the outline will be red, instead of blue.

In the new locker bays some of the lockers will be shortened so students can talk and hangout while charging devices during the passing period. Students will be asked what size of locker they want. They will be able to choose from the smaller 40 inch locker or a bigger 60 inch one.

In addition, there will be hydration stations replacing water fountains. New carpet and furniture will also be put in the open areas as money allows.

Principal Mike Monaghan hopes students and teachers take advantage of the area, saying, “This area gives students a place to relax and even work on projects during class.”

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